Social Media Integration

Social Media Logos

Getting involved with social media is essential in today's world. For organisations, social media participation can help maintain contact with users even when they have left their website, and learn more about their preferences and habits.

For individuals and professionals it is a great tool for getting to know new interesting people, keep in touch with website users and make professional contacts. Adding social buttons to a website helps visitors to share the content more easily with their networks and increase the amount of traffic to the site in question.

Marketing your online business through social media websites can be a great way to encourage engagement with your brand in a low-pressure setting.

There are several ways social media can be integrated into your site, these can include;


  • Display your Facebook Feed
  • Add a Facebook LIke button or box
  • Add a link to your Facebook Page
  • Add the ability to log into your website with Facebook
  • Add Social comments with Facebook


  • Display the latest Tweets
  • Add a link to your Twitter Profile
  • Add Social comments with Twitter


  • Display your YouTube Channel
  • Display YouTube videos