Search Engine Friendly

Google SEO1

Google friendly or Search Engine Friendly is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines results.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is all about creating a website that's discoverable by search engines and is a strategy that improves the website's ranking on search engines. 

There are 7 main SEO factors we use for designing search engine friendly websites.

User friendly web design

  • Clean Code -  Include spider friendly navigation
  • Create Lots of pages - It is better to have 20 pages than long 5 pages on your site. 
  • Content - Each page should have a minimum of 250 words and discuss only one topic.
  • Sitemaps – A sitemap containing text links should provide access to all the important sections and pages of the website.
  • URLs – URLs should be search engine friendly which means that they should contain keywords descriptive of the pages they belong to.
  • Size – The size of a website can impact its ranking.

Keywords should be located on each page

  • Keywords located in the title tag of each page. 
  • Keywords located in the h1 and h2 headings.
  • Keywords located in the first paragraph of each page
  • Keywords located in the text links.


  • Meta desciptions should contain the relevant keyword phrases. 

Image optimisation

  • Images should be named properly and have an "alt" tag. 

Iinternal links

  • Cross link between pages, links from each page to home page and link to each page. 
  • There should be links on each page viewable from search engines, such as achor text links

Quality Content

  • Each page should have content that is unique, relevant, quality and updated frequently. 

Google Analytics & Webmaster

  • For tracking and the performance of the website