Customised Forms

Contact Form

Send customised HTML/Text emails with submitted data

We you can easily set up email that can be delivered when the form is submitted. This email can be sent to multiple recipients and incorporate submitted data by using field specific placeholders.

Export gathered data to CSV format

Often you need to centralize gathered data in external applications. RSform! incorporates a simple CSV exporter that will allow you to convert the submitted data to a common format.

Field validation rules

Field validation rules can be used to ensure that the submitter provides accurate data. RSform! incorporates numeric, alpha, alphanumeric, email and mandatory fields.

Customisable thank you message

When the form is submitted you can set up a message that can be customized via field placeholders. This is commonly used to thank the users for taking time to submit your form or provide final indications.

PayPal Form Integration

Our Paypal plugin turns your form into a small shopping cart.With the PayPal plugin you can add products to the form. The integration uses the standard PayPal website payment method, the customer will be redirected to the Paypal page when the form is submitted where he will need to log in to his PayPal account and manually approve the transaction.After the payment is approved PayPal will send a notification to your site and the submission status will be changed to paid. If the transaction is not approved within 12 hours the payment will be marked as declined.