Responsive Website Design

Cosi Responsive

What is a Responsive website?

A responsive wesbite is the term given to websites that detect the browser width of the device, and adapt accordingly to provide an optimal viewing experience

A responsive website will rearrange elements on the page, so that:

  • all content is viewable without having to zoom or scroll sideways
  • links and buttons are given more space so that you can tap them with your finger
  • the menu navigation can also be condensed into collapsible menus so they’re out of the way until you need them.

Why you need a responsive website?

  • Three out of four people use their mobile devices for internet browsing every day.
  • It makes your website accessible from any device.
  • It saves time and money.
  • It makes your site user friendly.
  • Helps with branding accross all devices.
  • Maximizes Search Engine Optimisation.

We can design your website to work on all devices,

from mobile phones and tablets to desktops and large screens.

What does a Responsive website look like?

Visit any of the following websites on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.