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  • 75% of all intrrnet transactions start with a search engine
  • Google records on average 34,000 searches per second, 2 million searches per minute; 121 million searches per hour and 3 billion searches per day
  • Most online surfers never click past the first page of search results
  • You cannot expect to compete online if your website is not ranking front page for important keyword search terms
  • You can have the best website in the world, but if your website is not ranking first page in search engines, then it is in effect, hidden to the world
  • over 72% of Google searchers will choose a natural search result over a paid result. 

Getting your business online is the first step in increasing your customer base. However simply having a website on the internet will not guarantee that potential customers will be able to locate you via a search engine. Websites need help in bolstering their online presence. For your company to be found on Google (and other search engines), it needs to be high in the search results for those keywords particularly important for your business (e.g., if a ‘Gift Basket’ company is buried on the tenth page of the search results for ‘Gift Baskets’ it will never be found!).  Our expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Serviceswill assist in optimising each page of your website so that it ranks higher in the search results; providing you a better chance to compete in the online world. 

After setting up your website with targeted keywords for your business services or products, a Facebook & Twitter profile should also be set up. This will assisting in maintaining your online presence and support online promotions.  HAPPY Technologies will establish this entire package for you - including development of a blog for your business, and any other relevant social networking sites. 

A blog is a great medium through which you can provide your customers with more information about your business or give them 'tips & tricks' which might be of benefit. Again, HAPPY Hosting will establish this outlet - all you need to do is post a blog once and it will be automatically posted on Facebook & Twitter (and any other relevant profiles we have developed for you).

When you use our expert SEO services, you will be gaining an advantage over your competition by increasing your visibility among the web’s billions of users

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