Website Hosting

What is the World Wide Web?

  • The Web is a network of computers all over the world. 
  • All the computers in the Web can communicate with each other. 
  • All the computers use a communication protocol called HTTP.

How does a Browser Display a Web Page?

  • All web pages contain instructions for display. 
  • The browser displays the page by reading these instructions.
  • The most common display instructions are called HTML tags. 
  • HTML tags look like this <p>This is a paragraph.</p>. 

What is a Web Server?

  • The collection of all your web pages is called your web site. 
  • To let others view your web pages, you must publish your web site.
  •  To publish your work, you must copy your site to a web server. 
  • Your own PC can act as a web server if it is connected to a network. 
  • Most common is to use an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

What is an Internet Service Provider?

  • ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. 
  • An ISP provides Internet Services. 
  • A common Internet service is web hosting. 
  • Web hosting means storing your web site on a public server. 
  • Web hosting normally includes email services.
  • Web hosting often includes domain name registration.

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