Social Media for SEO

Social Media Profiles

Business who can leverage social media to help distribute there content and increase the overall community of for their business can experience significant growth. Social media allows customers and potential customers to communicate directly with the business, and allows interesting content to spread quickly. выгодный кредит наличными

While new social media tools launch every day, most businesses really only need to focus on the 3 main Sites: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Twitter is an information network. Millions of people, organizations, and businesses use it to discover and share new information. Anyone can read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters. These messages, or Tweets, are public and available to anyone while users subscribe to your messages by following your account. Followers receive each one of your messages in their timeline, a feed of all the accounts they have subscribed to.

As a business, you can use Twitter to quickly share information, gather market intelligence and insights, and build relationships with people who care about or interested in your business. Often, there is already a conversation about your business happening on Twitter.


With more than 500 million users, Facebook has become very influencual in the social media industry. Facebook can serve as a powerful platform for building a community of advocates for a business to help increase word-of-mouth marketing. The first step in leveraging Facebook for business is to set up a business page.

A Facebook Page is used to

  • Post regular updates about a business and provide exclusive offers to generate comments and drive engagement
  • Get to know fans and make people feel at home by responding to their comments in a predictable, timely way 
  • Post business updates and events to your customers
  • Share useful articles and links that may interest costomers

How Social Media Impacts SEO

  • Social media can multiply your SEO impact. Spreading online by word-of-mouth, news about your business can reach far and wide, creating ripples that self-perpetuate and strengthen your brand. While the actual spreading of your content is free, there is an upfront cost to produce it.
  • Social media drives offline sales. Many search users research online, but make their purchases offline. Google presents these searchers with locally relevant results. Local business review sites rank well in specific geographic areas, and can drive more people into stores.
  • Social media is constantly evolving. Working with a social media consultant can help you prioritise tasks and devise a tactical plan to utilise the medium to maximum effect. That alone will make the difference between achieving mediocre results and delivering outstanding value to dominate your niche for years to come.
  • Social media creates long-lasting synergy. Ripples set off by social media interactions can create positive (or negative) perceptions far afield — and the impact will linger long after the initial event or action has ended.