Onpage SEO

How We Should Properly Do Onpage SEO


Google suggests to design a website for visitors, and not for search engines. While this principle should be kept in mind, certain elements on the page must be optimised with your keywords in order to better optimise your site.

There are 9 Elements of On Page Search Engine Optimisation

Page Titles

Page titles are one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Page titles are the text you see at the top of your browser window when viewing a web page. They are also the title of a page that is presented in search engines.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the text seen as the description of a site in a Google search. These words attract a searcher?s attention and indicate if a search result is particularly relevant to the searcher. For this reason, including keywords in your meta description can draw in visitors.


If a piece of text appears larger or more prominent than the other text on a page, it's probably part of a heading. Text in the headings is more likely to be read by search engines as keywords than text in the rest of the page. For this reason, it is good to include keywords in your headings whenever possible.


Putting layout-related information in your webpage can dilute the relevance of the HTML text, which is what you want search engines to read.


Including keywords in your image file name will help you draw in relevant traffic from image searches.

Domain Length

Search engine rankings favor sites that are registered for a longer period of time. Longer domain registrations indicate a commitment to the site and mean the site has a lower chance of being considered to be spam.

Google Crawl Date

The best thing you can do to make Google crawl your site more frequently is to regularly produce fresh content and publish it on your website.

URL Structure

The URL of a web page is its web address. For example, HAPPY Technologie's blog has a URL of http:happytechnologies.com.au/blog The URL structure of a website is about how the different URLs connect with each other.


Qaulity content comes from the correct use of keywords and best practices when completing keyword research. Writing unique, interesting content that also is compelling to your readers will increase your influence and the most powerful factors.