Link Building

Link Building Services

Links on websites are like the streets between pages. Search Engines crawl the web and discover how pages are related to other pages and in what way. Links are like votes for Search Engines, representing the web's opinion about what pages are more important and popular than others. кредит на строительство

A General rule for link building, is to build vast and varied type of backlinks pointing to your site, as it brings the best results to search engines.

The internet is like a buffet full of variety of fruits, vegetables and meats to choose from. Web surfers have many enticing selections before their eyes, and they will naturally be attracted to the most appealing websites. Professional SEO services can help you develop such an interesting site to attract customers.

The following are 12 clever ways to attract traffic to your website.

Real-Time Content With Specials on Certain Days

Restaurants have special deals for certain days to handle high-and-low traffic pe riods. Why not mix in exciting, real-time content with special features based on the day of the week. S ome companies play music from a certain band every Friday – why not create a buzz with a special “day” that will give people a reason to visit and tell their friends.

Superior Customer Interaction

Run a Poll

Local television and radio stations are continually running polls to measure vi ewer opinion. People want to feel heard. A poll will make your website more interactive as you allow the visitors to determine content.

Respond to Customers Immediately

Web visitors return to websites that achieve “excellence” in some field. Accordi ng to Super Blogging Tips, you can attract more Web traffic by rapidly responding to customer comme nts, questions and e- mails. A great response time could turn a visitor into a client.

Free Giveaways

People love to get something for free. Offer a giveaway for registration or the be st comment. You can build up the contest over a period of time and have a special date for the big announcement.


When you provide good tips, information and news in a newsletter it can attract frequent visitors. Issuing a free newsletter regularly will keep viewers coming back.

Linking to Popular Sites

Social Networking

Social networking is very popular. Link into the vast networks of Twitter, Faceb ook and MySpace to attract customers on their turf.

Promote your URL

If you add your URL to interesting comments you leave on another site, it could lead to customers visiting your website. Tie into popular industry sites that your customers are likely to frequent.

Guest Blog

According to The WWW Observer, being a guest blogger can increase your exposure. Many famous people got their “big breaks” when asked to “guest host” a famous show. Similarly, if you do a good job people will search for your website.

Tell-a-Friend Referrals

According to Justin Michie, a good way to promote your site is to include a “tell-a-friend” form. These referrals are done for apartments and banking accounts – why not offer a reward to those who have the most friends sign up for your website?

Squidoo Lens

The experts at Super Blogging Tips suggest that sites should create a Squidoo lens, or ‘snapshot’ site, so customers can directly link to your Web pages. Squidoo is a great place to find “content, advice and recommendations.”

YouTube Account

YouTube is a great way for people of all persuasions to connect. Many people have become famous due to their “cute” YouTube videos. Adding your own videos could tap into a new market.

Yahoo! Answers

Develop your reputation as an expert by answering peoples questions on Yahoo! Answers. You can include a link to your blog as the source of the great information.