Xcel Nutrition

Xcel Nutrition Portfolio

Xcel Nutrition is Adelaide’s premier sports nutrition and general health one stop shop.   

Owned and run by Scott and Dianne Bird who are 2 accomplished NABBA competitors from across the pond.

The stores main aim is to stock products by the value of their ingredients and not by brand in order to give the customer the very best products they can use to achieve their health and fitness goals.

One thing we intend to clamp down on is protein that is amino acid spiked, we are doing are very best to stock protein that is actually protein and not full off inferior amino acids.

Our business model is simple we want to offer a service that is second to none with a product range to back it up, we would rather draw profits from repeat customers who are happy rather than ripping people off with that one sale.

Staffed and owned by experienced individuals some with over 30 years in the industry