Jeymarc Portfolio

JEYMARC is Adelaide’s premier female owner operated construction company.

It was Gem’s vision to be involved with projects encompassing relationships, communication, understanding, creativity but most important procreating Liveable Art for All Australians. Institutionalising construction to suit all styles, sizes, traditions, products but most importantly budgets is the infrastructure from which JEYMARC has been born. Affordable luxury isn’t/shouldn’t just cater for affluent budgets but also for individuals, families and all alike.

Having built and renovated many homes on budgets, space and time constraints, JEYMARC is a company that is both flexible and honourable in providing an array of services supporting both your experienced and “not so experienced”. Gem has developed a team that is understanding and noble of its extensive history within the industry both state and nationwide. She is not only the owner, but also the creative director of the company so not only will you hear of her but you will see her throughout your time with JEYMARC.

She is always willing to listen with astute acuity ensuring the very best is always delivered.